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Cat Club Le PETit WCF

Belgrade, SRPSKI

Meow Fest 1, December 2014

Meow Fest posterAndreas Mobius

A unique festival dedicated to cats! 

Belgrade, December 14, 2014: a unique festival dedicated to cats took place in Belgrade - Meow Fest. Organizers from Club Le PETit WCF invited visitors and exhibitors with following words: dear cat-lovers, please welcome to meow, purr, cuddle, to roar if needed, to learn and most of all - to have fun!

Mrnjau Fest program

Licenced International WCF Cat Show

The main program of the Festival was the first International Le PETit WCF Cat Show. More than 90 cats competed for prestigious titles. All famous cat breeds were present: Siamese, Oriental, Thai, Persian, Exotic Shorthair, Russian Blue, Sacred Birman, Maine Coon, Siberian, Neva Masquerade, Norwegian Forest, Scottish Fold and Straight cats, British shorthair and longhair, Turkish Angora and others. There were also some unique breeds, for example lavish and rare Nebelung, Cornish Rex and Sphynx cats. Belgrade had the honor to host a Aphrodite Giant cat, for the first time in this part of Europe. Cats and their owners came from all nearby countries - Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece. Adopted domestic cats competed too - one came all the way from Bulgaria.

Mrnjau Fest / Maja Medić

Prizes were awarded in all show categories (long-hair, semi-longhair and short-hair) and classes (kittens, juniors, neuters, adults). The Supreme prize was won by one fantastic British shorthair cat - Iskra!

Cats were judged by a team of three WCF judges, headed by Andreas Mobius, Secretary General of WCF - World Cat Federation. Mobius is one of the most famous felinologists of today and also a great showman, so the audience in show hall had a great time!

Mrnjau Fest / Nebojša Nišavić

Meow Fest creative programs

Besides the presentation of various cat breeds, kittens for adoption, useful tips and lectures, artwork bazaar, Meow Fest provided many creative and fun programs for visitors on the upper floor of Mikser House. During the festival, there were many entertaining workshops for adults and children (aged 6 years and above).

Mrnjau Fest kreativni kutak

Great interest for our first Meow Fest

Organizers promoted Festival and love for cats on all prime TV and printed media. The Festival had 1600 adult visitors and many children. The event will be regular, and Club Le PETit WCF has begun preparations for the next Meow Fest - two days long, even bigger and more colorful :)

Prijatelji Mrnjau Festa

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 2014 - results

Belgrade, December 14, 2014: Judges: WCF Secretary General Andreas Möbius, Germany (AB, WCF); Marie-Claude Lemaigre, Belgium (AB, WCF) and Edina Raposa, Hungary (SLH, WCF). Cat count: 97 cats in catalog, 78 judged:

  Meow Fest - Winners (Best in Show, Best of Best, Show Supreme)

  Meow Fest - Results (titles by cats)

  Meow Fest - Catalog (with results)

Le PETit SvetlanaMatso HHP

Meow Fest 2014 - photo-albums

 Meow Fest 2014: Maja Medić

 Meow Fest 2014: Nebojša Nišavić

 Meow Fest 2016: Vanya Kotarova

Meow Fest 2014 - more photo-albums 

 Meow Fest 2014: adopting, creative workshops, body-art

 Meow Fest 2014: contestants (entered cats)

 Meow Fest 2014: WCF Cat Show (Facebook event)

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