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WCF cat shows and Best Cat

Ruska plava Gr.Eu.Ch. Maremyana Jasno Solnyshko, Bastet Beauty WCF</p>

Ruska plava Gr.Eu.Ch. Maremyana Jasno Solnyshko, Bastet Beauty WCF

Le PETit Best Cattery 2023

Le PETit Best Cattery is a competition for cat breeders registered with the World Cat Federation and Cat Club Le PETit WCF. The award is given annually based on the results on official WCF cat shows.

Here is a list of best catteries for 2023:

1. Bastet Beauty WCF Serbia / SIB, RUS / 9904 points

2. Amortentia WCF Serbia / EXO, PER / 3544

3. Osaya WCF Serbia / NFO / 3138

4. Fantasy Iris WCF Rep. Srpska / BRI / 2623

5. Raja Empire WCF Serbia / BEN / 2127

6. Tribble Horizon WCF Slovenia / MCO / 1650

7. Sparkly Witch WCF Slovenia / MCO / 1174

8. Goldy’s Dream WCF Slovenia / MCO, RAG / 1110

9. Mypaws WCF Slovenia / MCO / 1110

10.  Mimi’s Corner WCF Serbia / RAG / 686

The results are obtained by adding up the points of all the cats from the cattery that have participated in WCF shows during the year. The scoring system and results by countries, breeds and cats are available on the official WCF websites:

WCF Cat Shows

WCF – World Cat Federation is the largest world organisation of cat clubs and cat lovers. In terms of yearly shows organised, WCF has about 750 shows a year, which is double the number of FIFe shows, about 3-4 times more than TICA and 5-6 times more than CFA. (A. Elian, 02.2019)

Club Le PETit is a representative of WCF in Serbia and region. Club works closely with WCF clubs from Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and other. The Club will help members with entry forms, hotel booking and travel, and with preparing cats for the show.

Innamorare WCF

WCF show calendars

Beginners' guide to a WCF cat show

WCF Cat Show is first and foremost a beauty competition! Cats are groomed carefully, owners are washing, brushing, trimming their cats until the last moment to make them as beautiful as possible, hoping to win title all breeders and owners want – Best In Show:

WCF Show titles

In WCF competition system cats start with 10 months in Open Class, and compete for CAC certificates. For CAC certificate they must receive 93 points according to the standard. Cats are separated by breed, colour and sex. On each show day cat may receive one CAC certificate. After three CAC certificates cat will receive a Champion title and on next show will compete for CACIB certificate.

Rules and instructions for common WCF titles are here:

Mrnjau knjiga
Mrnjau knjiga
Mrnjau knjiga

Le PETit Hall of Fame

Breeders from Club Le Petit regularly show cats at WCF shows. Cats are well prepared and often achieve great success. In a short time breeders and cats from Club Le PETit became famous in cat world:

Autor knjige maca deo vase porodice

World Champion, Neva Masquerade W.Ch. Ratibor Torin and Dušan Puhalo from cattery Bastet Beauty WCF

Autor knjige maca deo vase porodice

World Champion, Maine Coon W.Ch. Beckercoon’s Molly and Stela Sakač from cattery Royal Coon’s WCF

Autor knjige maca deo vase porodice

Rextasy Zlatko - Best Cornish Rex WCF 2015

Best Cornish Rex in WCF for 2016, Best of Breed W.Pr. 100ReasonsToLove For C, from Rextasy WCF cattery, also known as Zlatko:

Le PETit Meow Fest

Mrnjau fest 2019 godine

Since 2014, Club Le PETit regularly organises cat festivals named Meow Fest. The main event on Meow Fest is two-day WCF Cat Show, international cat competition. Visitors have the opportunity to adopt a domestic cat, to visit handicraft bazaar, and children may have fun in creative workshops: