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Belgrade WCF cat show, 11-12 May 2024…

Meow Fest 11

Dear cat cat people, on May 11-12, you are welcome to the Belgrade WCF Jubilee Cat Show! We will meet in the very heart of Belgrade city, at the fancy and hip Belgrade Youth Center!

This will be a Jubilee show, with WCF rings, Jubilee Master rings and many fun rings. On Saturday and Sunday all Best Cat points are double!

Foreign breeders may enter cats here:

Belgrade WCF Cat Show is open for visitors on Saturday and Sunday, 11-12 May at Belgrade Youth Center (Dom omladine). Cat Show is from 10-18h. Adoption of healthy and lovely cats is from 11-17h. Ticket is 400 dinars. For pre-school children entrance is free!

Breed cats…

If you are looking for a lovely and healthy pedigree cat, here you will find descriptions of cat breeds available for sale or reservation in south-east Europe and Middle East, in fine catteries registered at WCF – World Cat Federation and Club Le PETit:

Cat breeders club Le PETit WCF…

Club Le PETit is a full member of WCF – World Cat Federation and provides international WCF pedigrees to responsible breeders in south-east Europe and Middle East:

Le PETit Cat Hotel Belgrade…

Le PETit Hotel is a fine cat hotel in midtown Belgrade. Here pets are free and spend time in comfort and security, in the company of other cats. All-inclusive: ultra-premium food, a’la-cat service:

Le PETit Best Cattery…

Ruska plava Gr.Eu.Ch. Maremyana Jasno Solnyshko, Bastet Beauty WCF

Le PETit Best Cattery is a competition for cat breeders registered with the World Cat Federation and Cat Club Le PETit WCF. The award is given annually based on the results on official WCF cat shows.

Here is a list of best catteries for 2023:

1. Bastet Beauty WCF Serbia / SIB, RUS / 9904 points

2. Amortentia WCF Serbia / EXO, PER / 3544

3. Osaya WCF Serbia / NFO / 3138

Le PETit WCF on Facebook and instagram…

Dear cat lovers, welcome to our Meow page on Facebook! Welcome to meow, purr, learn and, of course, have fun! Here we will post all information on our traditional Belgrade cat festival – Meow Fest. On Meow page we will post invitations to public adoptions and humanitarian events dedicated to cats – Meow Weekends, Meow Shows and other animal welfare events:

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