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Pet Friendly Belgrade campaign

Pet-Friendly Belgrade - Pets Welcome sign

Pets welcome in Belgrade stores

Pets welcome! - a campaign created and performed by Club Le PETit, promoting the cohabitation of people and pets in Belgrade.

"Can I come in with the pet?" That question will not be heard that often in Belgrade, because now all the stores where pets are welcome can post a sticker with the pink heart, contours of a cat and a dog, and "Pets welcome" message. The campaign is supported by City of Belgrade's Secretariat for Housing Services.

The campaign "Pet Friendly Belgrade" is reminding us that pets in public places are a common sight in many cities of the world. Belgrade joined them in 2011, after a City Council regulation that allows pets in shops, restaurants and cafes.

Ljubica the cat in Plato book storeLeila Records and Books

It is interesting that despite the fact that dogs make up the majority of pets that owners are taking out, this campaign was initiated by a cat lovers organization - Club Le PETit.

Hotel Metropol

Felinology Club Le PETit promotes responsible animal ownership. Club was started back in 2003, and from 2013 is a proud member of WCF - World Cat Federation. Club Le PETit organises Meow Weekends, Meow Forums, Meow Fest and other animal welfare and cat adopting events:

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Stickers and badges "Pet Friendly Belgrade"

Store owners may freely download and print stickers and badges:

Pet Friendly stickers may be used anywhere if allowed by local law.

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