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Cat Club Le PETit WCF

Belgrade, SRPSKI

WCF Cat Shows

Club Le PETit WCF is a representative of WCF - World Cat Federation in Serbia and region. Club works closely with WCF clubs from Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece and other. Club Le PETit will help with entry forms, with hotel booking and travel, and with preparing cats for the show.

Breeders from Club Le Petit regularly show cats at WCF shows. Cats are well prepared and often achieve great success. In a short time breeders and cats from Club Le PETit became famous in cat world:

Ratibor Torin

World Champion, Neva Masquerade W.Ch. Ratibor Torin and Dušan Puhalo from cattery Bastet Beauty WCF

Beckercoon's Molly

World Champion, Maine Coon W.Ch. Beckercoon's Molly and Stela Sakač from cattery Royal Coon's WCF

Afonya Coon

Best Maine Coon in WCF for 2016, E.Ch. Uragan Afonya Coon and Sergej Stets from cattery Svindoff WCF

Rextasy Zlatko

Best Cornish Rex in WCF for 2016, Best of Breed W.Pr. 100ReasonsToLove For C, from Rextasy WCF cattery, also known as Zlatko:

  Rextasy Zlatko - world champion...

Show calendar

 WCF show calendar...

 Macskamánia, Budapest...

Innamorare WCF

Guides and rules

WCF Cat Show is first and foremost a beauty competition! Cats are groomed carefully, owners are washing, brushing, trimming their cats until the last moment to make them as beautiful as possible, hoping to win title all breeders and owners want - Best In Show:

  A WCF Cat Show (how it works and what happens)

  WCF Show Titles (instructions and rules)

  WCF EMS Codes (for breeds, colours and characteristics)

  WCF Show Rules (comprehensive rulebook)

Mrnjau Fest

Le PETit Meow Fest

Since 2014, Club Le PETit regularly organises cat festivals named Meow Fest. The main event on Meow Fest is two-day WCF Cat Show, international cat competition. Visitors have the opportunity to adopt a domestic cat, to visit handicraft bazaar, and children may have fun in creative workshops:

  Le PETit Meow Fest...

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