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Cat Club Le PETit WCF

Belgrade, SRPSKI

Services for Cat Breeders

World Cat Federation is a federation of cat clubs. A breeder that wishes to join WCF has to choose a club and register cattery and cats. List of WCF clubs is here:

  Full members of WCF - list of clubs by country

Club Le PETit is an international WCF main club. A Club member may register cattery name and cats in WCF, and have WCF pedigrees, ownership transfers and title certificates for kittens and cats. All documents will be promptly sent by DHL or certified mail.

If you wish to become a Club member first contact Club at and then fill membership and registration forms:

Membership and registrations

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1. Membership in Club Le PETit WCF

A member of Club will have on-line help with breeding and caring for cats, with selling and buying breed cats, and with entering and preparing cats for shows:

  Membership in Club Le PETit WCF (on-line form)

Cattery name certificate

2a. Registration of new cattery name at WCF

If you wish to start breeding cats in WCF system, you have to choose a unique cattery name and register a cattery.

Please think of three or more unique names according to rules and fill on-line form. WCF office will choose and register the best name. Registration is valid for 20 years. You may ask Club for help with choosing a name:

  Registration of new cattery name at WCF (on-line form)

2b. Transfer of cattery name to WCF

If you already have a cattery registered at FIFe, TICA, CFA or other WCC organisation, you can transfer it to WCF. Registration is valid for 20 years:

  Transfer of cattery name to WCF (on-line form)

3. Registration of a breeding cat in Club

All breeding cats in a cattery must have a certified pedigree and must be registered in Club. Please send pedigree and photo of each cat to

  Registration of a breeding cat in Club (on-line form)

Club services for registered breeders

WCF pedigree

4. Litter registration at WCF

Litter registration is mandatory for each kitten in cattery. Please register litter by 8th week of birth. You may provide microchip numbers, color descriptions and EMS codes later.

Conditions: cattery registered at Club Le PETit, both parents have valid pedigrees:

  Litter registration at WCF (on-line form)

5. WCF pedigree order

Pedigrees are mandatory for each kitten in cattery. Pedigrees will be made after kitten color and pattern are certain. Please order pedigrees by 8th month of birth.

Conditions: litter registered at Club Le PETit:

  WCF pedigree order (on-line form)

6. Reissue of WCF pedigree

Pedigree may be reissued to update data or if original is lost or damaged. Previous pedigree will be cancelled and deleted from database, and new pedigree will be made with new registration number.

Conditions: cat's pedigree is from Club Le PETit WCF:

  Reissue of WCF pedigree (on-line form)

Ownership transfer and Breed cat certificate

7. Breed cat certificate 

A document that confirms that the cat is a breed cat (temporary pedigree). The full WCF pedigree will be given to the new owner after the terms of the contract are fulfilled.

Conditions: cat's pedigree from Club Le PETit WCF:

  Breed cat certificate (on-line form)

8. Cat ownership transfer 

A document that confirms the sale of a breed cat, and transfer of ownership to new owner.

Conditions: cat's pedigree from Club Le PETit WCF:

  Cat ownership transfer (on-line form)

WCF show title certificate

9. WCF show title certificate

Certificate of show title or Best of Breed rank won in WCF competition system. Please send judging certificates to List of titles is here:

  WCF Show Titles (instructions and rules)

  WCF show title certificate (on-line form)

Documents for download:

  Responsible cat breeding in Club Le PETit WCF (regulations)

  Services for breeders (pricelist)

  WCF EMS Codes (for breeds, colours and characteristics)

  Breed Cat Sales Contract (form)

  Stud Service Contract (form)

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