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Le PETit Meow Fosterers

Belgrade, SRPSKI

Cat Adopting

Le PETit Meow Fosterers

Le PETit Meow Fosterers

Dear cats lovers, present and future - in Club Le PETit you may find the cat of your life!

Adopt one of our cats and do a good deed! All our cats were rescued from the streets. They are taken care of by Le PETit Meow Fosterers - expert animal welfare activists who unselfishly invest love, effort and considerable resources to prepare the cats for their new homes. All our cats have passed the veterinary exams, they are healthy, happy, well-behaved, well-socialized and are waiting for your love and home!

Le PETit Meow Fosterers

The adopting procedure in Club Le PETit is based on World Cat Federation guidelines and our experience. When choosing a future owner we will estimate the reasons and resources for adopting the cat, and try to match the characters. The future owner will sign the contract and agree to a responsible ownership of his pet.

Le PETit Meow Fosterers - cats available for adoption

Le PETit Meow Fosterers - cats available for adoption...

In "Le PETit Meow Fosterers" group on Facebook you will find cats that are available for adoption, all healthy and house-trained:

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If you wish to adopt one of our cats, please contact the fosterer, Club Le PETit or submit the on-line application:

  Adopting a cat from Club Le PETit (on-line application)

New owner will sign a cat adopting contract and commit to responsible ownership of his pet:

  Le PETit Cat Adopting Contract

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Meow Fosterers' friends

We thank Public Veterinary Institution of Belgrade for support, and socially responsible companies that donate food and services to fosterers and future owners:

Prijatelji Kluba Le PETit

Documents for download

  Republic of Serbia Animal Welfare Act (2009)

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If you have rescued a kitten from the street – congratulations, you have done a good dead! Here you will find some basic advice on caring for and adopting the rescued kitten:

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