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Cat Adopting

DunjaSaša and Olga

If you have cats for adoption

If you rescued cats from the street, congratulations - you've done a good deed! Here are some basic tips on offering cats for adoption. Remember: if you give a cat to irresponsible person, it will end up on the street again, and your effort was wasted.

Cats offered for adoption should be healthy and well taken care of. If you rescued cats from the street, please take them to vet's for a complete examination. It is very important that cats are treated and protected against external and internal parasites.

External parasites are fleas and ticks. Fleas can be brought home even on owners' shoes. Internal parasites are worms and all cats should be treated two or three times a year. Anti-parasitic products are available in good pet-shops. We recommend the following products, or similar:

Bayer Advocate is the cumulative product, against all parasites (spot-on).

When they turn two months make nice photos, preferably with a good camera in the daylight so their eyes shine. Write an irresistable accompanying text! Do not forget to mention if the cat was examined by vet and properly vaccinated. Write where is the cat and include your contacts.

Offer your cat on Facebook, on Le Petit Meow group. Add photo and text in the photo-album Le Petit Meow adoption:

Le PETit Meow adoption

  Le PETit Meow adoption (photo-album)

When giving a cat, please insist on neutering the cat, and sign the cat adopting contract. You may use the following form: 

  Le PETit Cat Adopting Contract

Ana's adopted tomcat Žile

If you are looking for a cat to adopt

Find the cat of your life on Facebook, in Le PETit Meow group. In photo-album Le Petit Meow adopting are cats that are looking for a safe home. All cats are healthy, happy, well-behaved, well-socialized and are ready to share their joy with people, children and other pets.

We hope you will fall in love with one of the cats and that all stories from the album will have a happy-end:

Le PETit Meow adoption

  Le PETit Meow adoption (photo-album)

If you wish to adopt a cat from Club Le PETit, please submit the application. New cat owner will sign a contract and commit to responsible ownership of his pet:

  Adopting a cat from Club Le PETit (on-line application)

  Le PETit Cat Adopting Contract

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If you have rescued a kitten from the street, if you have or you are planning to have a cat, please read our felinologists' advice for cat owners and lovers:

  Cat care, feeding and training...



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