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Cat care, feeding and training

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Rescuing kittens

If you have rescued a kitten from the street – congratulations, you have done a good dead! The kitten will get stronger with your help, stand on its paws and after that you can keep it or (when it is 3 months old) you can look for a permanent warm home for him. For starters you should know the following:

The kitten should be brought to a vet for a first examination as soon as possible. The vet will then determine the age of the kitten and give very useful instructions for its diet and future care. If the kitten has fleas, parasites, some infection or a virus disease, the vet will easily and quickly take care of that.

Very small kittens have to be tucked in so that they are warm. They do not have body temperature regulation so they can die of hypothermia. If they cry a lot, tuck them in and cover them over their heads so that they are not afraid.

Very small kittens have to be fed often, during the day every three to four hours, at night the gap can be longer. You can feed them with powder milk for kittens (you can get it at a vet pharmacy) or with a meal you will prepare by yourself:

 Basic recipe for feeding kittens... 

Very small kittens do not have a reflex for emptying their bladder and intestines, so for the first part you will have to stimulate them to defecate, the way that their mother stimulates them. A video with clear explanation how to follows: 

That's it for a beginning, and for detailed and expert instructions visit the page of our friends on the website Netbre Animals:

  Feeding and procedures with new-born kittens... ...

Patrick, Rory, Shila and Lenka

Advice for cat owners and lovers

If you have or you are planning to have a cat, please read our felinologists' advice for cat owners and lovers (Facebook):

 Brief advice for new cat owners: 

Transport the cats in strictly well closed box or transporter and do not open until you arrive home. Upon arrival to your home, open the transporter in silence. The cat will be scared and will immediately hide behind the bed etc. Do not disturb it for some time so that it can get accustomed...   read more...

 Frequently asked questions about cats:  

My cat got lost, what should I do? My cat has diarrhea? My cat is sick, it does not eat and dozes? How should I give her the medicine against parasites... read more...

 Food as cause of illness with cats:  

The idea that one type of cat or dog food provides everything that our pet will ever need in its diet during its entire life is a dangerous misconception. The cat and dog diet nowadays does is not similar in any way to the diverse diet of their ancestors based on meat... read more...

 How to play with your cat:  

Play is of great importance for the proper development of cats. This also applies for cats of older age, as well as kittens. Playing with a cat is certainly one of the most delightful ways to spend your free time, and it will certainly strengthen your relationship... read more...

 6 misconceptions about cat neutering: 

Misconception 1: cats should be allowed to breed once before neuterization... Misconception 2: cats should be allowed to have at least one heat before neutering... Misconception 3: cats and male cats gain weight after neuterization... read more...

 Useful advice when finding a home for cats:  

First and foremost: do not give cats as presents to children, but only to adults, serious, family people! Do not give kittens younger than 1.5 months, because their immunity is not developed yet – wait until they are 2.5 -3 months of age... read more...

Photo-album: Dear Le PETit

Photo-album on Facebook

If you have or you are planning to have a cat, please read our felinologists' illustrated advice for cat owners and lovers (Facebook):

 Photo-album: Dear Le PETit...  

Handbook "We adopted a cat!"

If you have or you are planning to have a cat, please read this handbook for new cat owners:

  We adopted a cat! (Katarina Stanković / Feniks)

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