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Le PETit Meow Weekend

Place and date of next Meow Weekend will be announced soon!

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Adopt a cuddly companion on Meow Weekend!

Club Le PETit regularly organises Meow Weekends - charity events dedicated to cats. Come to purr with us, to cuddle and meow! 

Le PETit Meow Weekend

We believe that cats are teaching us tolerance, patience, understanding of individuality, respect for the freedom, acceptance of diversity, rejecting the prejudices ... all the things which people around us often fail to do! Let's take a cat for a pet and a friend, let’s hang out with cats and we will be better people - cat people!

Le PETit Meow Weekend

On Meow Weekends Club Le PETit offers kittens and cats for adoption. All cats are healthy, happy, well-behaved, well-socialized and are ready to share their joy with people, children and other pets.

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Socially responsible companies wil donate food and gifts for future owners. Public Veterinary Institution of Belgrade will donate vaccines and microchips. Meow!

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Previous Meow Weekends

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Third Le PETit Meow Weekend 2017...

June 17, 2017, Cultural Centre Grad: dear cat lovers, cat people of present and future, with great pleasure we are informing you that this year's Meow Weekend was great! Many kittens were adopted, and many families are happy now!   

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Big thanks to Veterinary institution of Belgrade that vaccinated and chipped adopted cats for free. Also, many thanks to all Club volunteers, responsible companies Plus Plus and A'mur, and our new friends from Cultural Centre Grad!

 Treći Mrnjau vikend 2017. (foto-album)

Second Le PETit Meow Weekend 2016...

Le PETit Meow Weekend

June 12, 2016: at the second Meow Weekend in Belgrade Youth Centre, 28 homeless cats were adopted and Le PETit presented organizations and services related to animal welfare:

 Second Le PETit Meow Wekend 2016 (photo-album)

First Meow Weekend 2016...

Meow Weekend

September 15-16, 2012: on the first Meow Weekend in Belgrade Youth Centre, more than 100 homeless cats were adopted, in strict accordance with the regulations on responsible animal ownership:

 First Meow Weekend 2012 (photo-album)

About Felinology Club Le PETit...

Club Le PETit promotes responsible animal ownership. Le PETit organises Meow Weekends, Meow Forums, Meow Fest and other animal welfare and cat adopting events:

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