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Belgrade, SRPSKI

Le PETit Meow Weekends

Le PETit WCF Meow Weekend

Place and date of next Meow Weekend will be announced soon!

Adopt a cat on Meow Weekend!

Club Le PETit and Veterinary Institution of Belgrade regularly organize Meow Weekends - charity events dedicated to cats. Come to Meow Weekend to purr with us and hopefully adopt a cat of your life!

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Come to meow and cuddle!

On Meow Weekend, lovely and healthy cats will be offered for adoption. All cats were rescued from the streets. They were sheltered and nourished by a team of responsible and professional fosterers. They thoroughly prepared the cats for new homes - all cats passed a veterinary check, are well socialized and playful.

Adopt one of these cats and do a good deed! Growing up and living with a cat is not a luxury but a necessity, especially in urban conditions. Pets are teaching us integrity, respect and acceptance of diversity. Pets help children grow up as caring, empathetic fellow citizens.

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Meow Weekends are supported by relevant institutions: Public Veterinary Institution of Belgrade will supervise ownership contracts, donate microchips and anti-rabies vaccines, and neuter the pets when the time comes.

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Socially responsible companies will give gifts to new owners and their pets. Plus Plus Company will give quality N&D Grain-Free cat food. Mega-group company will give innovative eco-friendly A'mur wood litter.

Le PETit Mrnjau staratelji

Meow Weekend organizers

Cat Club Le PETit promotes ethical treatment of animals and responsible ownership. Club was started back in 2012 and from 2013 is a proud member of WCF - World Cat Federation. Club regularly organizes Meow Weekends, Meow forums and many other events dedicated to animal welfare.

Belgrade Youth Center

Belgrade Youth Center promotes programs in the fields of contemporary art and culture. Dom omladine covers all artistic disciplines and forms: visual arts and new media, film and music. Of equal importance are educative and debate programs that have for decades been Center’s trademark.

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Public Veterinary Institution of Belgrade is an institution within the Secretariat for Municipal and Housing Affairs of the City of Belgrade. It deals with the welfare and safety of animals in the capital - performs communal zoo activities, provides emergency assistance to endangered animals, and performs examinations in veterinary clinics and ambulances.

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Previous Meow Weekends

Le PETit Meow weekend

Fourth Le PETit Meow Weekend 2017...

September 24, 2017, Belgrade Youth Center: yippee, more than 50 kittens and cats found home!!! Big respect for our dear Meow Fosterers, who devotedly and conscientiously deal with the problem of abandoned and lost cats in Belgrade. All cats were healthy and flawlessly prepared for adoption!

Le PETit Meow weekend

We thank Belgrade Youth Center and Veterinary institution of Belgrade that donated chips and vaccines. They will also neuter cats when the time comes! And we thank socially responsible companies Plus Plus, A'mur and Aquarius for generous gifts. New owners got premium N&D grain-free food, cat toilets, toys and ecological cat litter!

We also thank TVs Studio B, Pink and Prva that had live coverage. Big thanks to numerous media and web-portals that published announcements and reports :) 

 Fourth Meow Weekend 2017 (photo-album)

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Third Le PETit Meow Weekend 2017...

June 17, 2017, Cultural Centre Grad: dear cat lovers, cat people of present and future, with great pleasure we are informing you that this year's Meow Weekend was great! Many kittens were adopted, and many families are happy now!   

Le PETit Meow Weekend

Big thanks to Veterinary institution of Belgrade that vaccinated and chipped adopted cats for free. Also, many thanks to all Club volunteers, responsible companies Plus Plus and A'mur, and our new friends from Cultural Centre Grad!

 Third Le PETit Meow Weekend 2017 (foto-album)

Second Le PETit Meow Weekend 2017...

Le PETit Meow Weekend

June 12, 2016: at the second Meow Weekend in Belgrade Youth Centre, 28 homeless cats were adopted and Le PETit presented organizations and services related to animal welfare:

 Second Le PETit Meow Wekend 2016 (photo-album)

First Le PETit Meow Weekend 2017...

Meow Weekend

September 15-16, 2012: on the first Meow Weekend in Belgrade Youth Centre, more than 100 homeless cats were adopted, in strict accordance with the regulations on responsible animal ownership:

 First Meow Weekend 2012 (photo-album)




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