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Cat Club Le PETit WCF

Belgrade, SRPSKI

Next Le PETit Meow Fest 

Place and date of next Meow Fest will be announced soon!


Welcome to Le PETit Meow Fest!

Dear cat lovers, we invite you to a traditional festival dedicated to cats - Meow Fest! Come to meow, purr, cuddle, to roar if needed, to learn and to have fun! 

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest

Long live cats! Thin, chubby, hairy, short haired, bald, long-legged, short, black, colorful ... well, no matter what shape or size, they are beautiful because they are - cats! Best catteries will present their champions, cats will compete for prestigious WCF awards, and visitors will have the opportunity to get information about breeds by lectures, presentations and directly from breeders.

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest

Artists and craftsmen will present creative and imaginative handmade works of art whose common theme is - the cat! Many interesting lectures and exhibitions, creative workshops and other surprises are waiting for you on Meow Fest!

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest

Cat lovers, welcome to Le PETit WCF Meow Fest! Come to meow with us and spend two days in good company - in the company of cats!

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest

World Cat Federation International Cat Show 

The main event on Meow Fest is two-day WCF International Cat Show. Cats are judged and awarded in all exhibition classes, and then compete for Best In Show and Best Of Best awards. Cats may compete in WCF and advanced rings:

  A WCF Cat Show (how it works and what happens)

  WCF Show Titles (instructions and rules)

  WCF Show Rules (comprehensive rulebook)

Previous Meow Fest...

January 13-14, 2018: fourth Meow Fest, unique festival dedicated to cats, took place in Belgrade Youth Center:

  Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 4...




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