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Belgrade, SRPSKI

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 2018

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 2018

Prijatelji Kluba Le PETit

Belgrade Youth Center, Makedonska 22, January 13-14, 10-18h
World Cat Federation World Show
Programs for children and cat adoption

Meow Fest is open for visitors on Saturday and Sunday, January 13-14, from 10-18h. Cat show is both days. Programs for children are on Saturday. Cat adoption is on Sunday. Ticket is 300 dinars. For pre-school children entrance is free.

Cat lovers, welcome to the fourth Meow Fest!

Dear friends, we invite you to a traditional festival dedicated to cats - Meow Fest! Come to meow, purr, cuddle, to roar if needed, to learn and to have fun! 

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest

Long live cats! Thin, chubby, hairy, short haired, bald, long-legged, short, black, colorful ... well, no matter what shape or size, they are beautiful because they are - cats! Best catteries will present their champions, cats will compete for prestigious WCF titles, and visitors will have the opportunity to get information about breeds by lectures, presentations and directly from breeders.

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest

Artists and craftsmen will present creative and imaginative handmade works of art whose common theme is - the cat! Many interesting lectures and exhibitions, creative workshops and other surprises are waiting for you on Meow Fest!

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest

Cat lovers, welcome to Le PETit WCF Meow Fest! Come to socialize, meow with us and spend two days in good company - in the company of cats!

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest

World Cat Federation World Show

World Cat Federation Cat Show

The main event on Meow Fest is two days World Cat Federation World Show. Cats will be judged in all WCF show categories. Cats will have the opportunity to compete in Special shows, WCF rings and prestigious Master rings. And best cats will compete for Best in Show, Best of Best, Best General and Best Supreme titles.

Timetable, Saturday

10h: table judging  
13h: lunch break  
14h: special shows - British Special, Forest cats Special (MCO, NFO, SIB)
15h: WCF rings (junior, neuter and adult)
16h: Best in Show, Best of Best, Best General  
18h: end of program.

Timetable, Sunday

10h: table judging  
13h: lunch break  
14h: WCF rings (junior, neuter and adult) 
15h: Master, Double Master and Triple Master rings
16h: Best in Show, Best of Best, Best General
18h: public award and Best Supreme.

Guides and rules

  A WCF Cat Show (how it works and what happens)

  WCF Show Titles (instructions and rules)

  WCF Show Rules (comprehensive rulebook)

Cat entry

Organising WCF clubs: Le PETit, Serbia; Hungarocat, Hungary; Magnificats, Romania; Feline Greece, Greece.

Judges: Dr Olga Sergeevna Mironova, Russian Federation; Yan Lavrentyev, Latvia; Jeļena Lavrentyeva, Latvia; Katerina Anyfandi, Greece; Svetlana Lalović, Serbia.

Deadline for entries is Sunday, January 7. Breed cats must have valid pedigrees. Number of cats is limited by show hall space.

Prices for judging:

  • Adults 40 €
  • Kittens & juniors 35 €
  • Litters 35 €
  • Neuters 30 €
  • Show only 25 €
  • HHP cats: 20 €

Prices for rings:

  • WCF Rings (kitten, neuter or adult) 10 €
  • Master, Double and Triple Master rings on Sunday 15 €

Prices for special shows on Saturday:

  • British Special 5 €
  • Forest cats Special (MCO, NFO, SIB) 5 €

  Meow Fest - Breed Cat Entry (on-line entry form)

Belgrade Youth Centre

Show hall: Belgrade Youth Center, Makedonska 22

Belgrade Youth Center promotes youth programs in the fields of contemporary art and culture. Dom omladine covers all artistic disciplines and forms: visual arts and new media, film and music. Of equal importance are educative and debate programs that have for decades been Center’s trademark. The basic principles and criteria in program planning are innovation and current affairs. Building and halls were completely renovated in 2011. Show hall is just a few steps away from very centre of Belgrade:

  Belgrade Youth Center...

Accomodation close to show hall


Please choose and book your accomodation on Booking.com website. If you need help, please contact Le PETit:

  Booking.com (city center, hotels and appartments, parking, pets allowed)

Parking close to show hall

  Parking Cetinjska Street 15 (500m from show hall)

Previous Meow Fest...

December 10-11, 2016: third Meow Fest, unique festival dedicated to cats, took place in Belgrade Youth Center:

  Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 3...




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