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Belgrade, SRPSKI

Meow Fest 4, January 2018

Meow Fest 4

New Year's magic at Le PETit Meow Fest! 

January 13-14, 2018: a unique festival dedicated to cats took place in Belgrade Youth Center. Organizers from Club Le PETit WCF invited visitors and exhibitors to Meow Fest with following words: dear cat-lovers, please welcome to meow, purr, cuddle, to roar if needed, to learn and most of all - to have fun!

Mrnjau Fest

The main event on Meow Fest was two days World Cat Federation World Show. Cats had the opportunity to compete in WCF rings, special shows for British and forest cats, and prestigious Master rings. Best cats competed for Best in Show, Best of Best, Best General and Best Supreme titles and awards.

Mrnjau Fest

All famous cat breeds were present and also some unique, for example lavish and rare Norwegian forest cats, Nebelung or naked Sphynx cats. Cats and their owners came from Serbia and all nearby countries - Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Russia... The Best Supreme award was won by one fantastic persian, Flash Paws Purple Rose.

Mrnjau Fest

On Saturday, the first day of Meow Fest, Theatre Talija performed "Aristocats", a musical for children. This interesting play is made after the famous movie, and teaches children the importance of education, tolerance and education.

Mrnjau Fest

After the musical, Studio Kreativistika organised workshops and playrooms for children up to 12 years. That was a great opportunity for developing children's imagination, skills, movement and drama talent. Actors and creators with many years of experience worked with young artists in many fun activities such as acting, dance, work with voice, movement, drawing and painting.

Mrnjau Fest

On Sunday, second day of Meow Fest, many lovely and healthy cats were offered for adoption. All cats were rescued from the streets. They were sheltered and nourished by a team of responsible and professional fosterers. They thoroughly prepared the cats for new homes - all cats passed a veterinary check, are well socialized and playful.

Mrnjau Fest

Public Veterinary Institution of Belgrade supervised ownership contracts, donated microchips and anti-rabies vaccines, and will neuter the pets when the time comes. Socially responsible companies gave gifts to new owners and their pets. Plus Plus Company gave quality N&D Grain-Free cat food. More than 30 cats were adopted on the spot, and many will be taken later!

Mrnjau Fest

Organizers promoted Festival and love for cats on all prime TV and printed media. The Festival had thousands of adult visitors and many many children. The event is now listed on Belgrade tourist and cultural calendars, and Club Le PETit WCF begins preparations for next Meow Fest -  even bigger and more colorful :)

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Mrnjau Fest

WCF World Show Belgrade 2018 - results

Belgrade, January 13-14, 2018. Licence: L# 184056. Organising WCF clubs: Le PETit, Serbia; HungaroCat, Hungary; Magnificats, Romania; Association Felina Greece. Judges: Dr Olga Sergeevna Mironova, Russian Federation; Yan Lavrentyev, Latvia; Jeļena Lavrentyeva, Latvia; Katerina Anyfandi, Greece; Svetlana Lalović, Serbia. Special shows: Forest cats Special (MCO, NFO, SIB), Master, Double and Triple Master rings. Cat count: 124 cats in catalog, 110 judged:

  Catalog / Winners Saturday / Winners Sunday / Results Top Cat

Le PETit Meow Fest 4 - photo-albums

 Meow Fest 2018 - Ivana Stevanović  

 Meow Fest 2018 - Nebojša Nišavić  

 Mrnjau Fest, 13-14. januar 2018 (Facebook event)

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