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Club Le PETit WCF diary

Cats and Peachtopia

Cat adoption at the cartoon premiere   

September 6, 2018: a perfect day at the Cineplexx in Delta City, at the premiere of the movie "Cats and Peachtopia". We meowed with children, offered them kittens to pet, accompanied them to the cinema - the kids will remember this cat day! p.s. see the movie when you have a chance, it's great:

  Cats and Peachtopia (trailer)

Le PETit Meow weekend

6th Meow Weekend, September 2018...

September 23, 2018, Belgrade Youth Center: many, many cats were adopted - 59 furry souls found a forever home :)

It was very successful, peaceful and relaxed. We are happy that we introduced and implemented high standards for animal adoption. All cats were timely vaccinated. They were thoroughly checked before being offered. Fosterers carefully and patiently talked to the visitors and evaluated their needs and prospects for good life of their proteges. Contracts were signed, there were lots of gifts. A very frequent comment was that "Meow Fosterers are so patient, smiling and beautiful"... one short afternoon we were Europe!

Le PETit Meow weekend

We thank Belgrade Youth Center and Veterinary institution of Belgrade that donated chips and vaccines. They will also neuter cats when the time comes. And we thank socially responsible company Plus Plus for generous gifts - new owners got premium N&D grain-free food for a happy start!

We also thank TV Studio B, Pink, Prva and Ženska TV that had live coverage. Big thanks to numerous media and web-portals that published announcements and reports :) 

 6th Le PETit Meow Weekend, April 2018 (photo-album)

Međunarodni Dan crnih mačaka

International Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 17, 2018: Le PETit on national TV N1. We announced and publicly celebrated the day of black cats. We thank cat-friendly TV N1 and show host Marija Antić. Our best wishes to all black cats and their families!

  International Black Cat Appreciation Day - 5 Facts You Need to Know

Athens 2018 WCF World Show

Cat adopting on Tolkienday 

June 9, 2018 Cultural center Božidarac: this was a very special day for lovers of fantasy and cats! "Tolkienday" is a traditional festival organized by fantasy literature club Valinor. The theme of the festival is "Lord of the Rings" and other Tolkien's work.

Le PETit Meow Fosterers offered lovely, healthy and house-trained kitens for adoption. This year, as many as five feline souls found homes. Meow, you fools :)

  Cat adopting on Tolkienday...

Athens 2018 WCF World Show

Athens 2018 WCF World Show 

May 12-13 2018, Athens: breaking news! Ratibor Torin, a beautiful siberian from our Bastet Beauty WCF cattery, won the ultimate WCF title - World Champion! Bravooo for Torin and his people!

Breaking news # 2: ragdoll kitten Art House Irvin, from Mimi's Corner WCF cattery, after a magnificent performance at his first show in Hungary, shined in Athens too! On Saturday he was Best in Show Junior, Best of Best 1 and won Junior WCF ring. On Sunday he was Best of Best Junior, Master Ring winner, and second in Double and Triple Master rings! Congratulations for our winners!

  Athens 2018 WCF World Show...

Oroshaza 2018 WCF World Show

Oroshaza 2018 WCF World Show

April 14-15 2018, Oroshaza, Hungary: at the World WCF Show in the charming Oroshaza town our cats competed for prestigious awards. All the cats from Club Le PETit won new titles, and some of them really shined!

Many cats from our team were nominated for Best in Show finals. Both winners among adult females were our cats: on Saturday it was birman Sacred Cat Nera, and on Sunday it was siberian Bastet Beauty Ala. But the star of this show was little ragdoll Irwin, a newcomer to our club. On his first show, Irwin was the best junior both days, and one of the winners in the prestigious WCF Master Rings :)

  Oroshaza 2018 WCF World Show...

Le PETit Meow weekend

5th Le PETit Meow Weekend, April 2018...

April 15 2018, Belgrade Youth Center: 35 homeless cats were adopted today! And more cats are reserved and will go to new homes when everything is ready for a new family member. It was intense, very hard for both us and the cats, but we are happy and satisfied. Big thanks to everyone who helped! We hope cats will be happy and will bring joy to their new families!

Le PETit Meow weekend

We thank Belgrade Youth Center and Veterinary institution of Belgrade that donated chips and vaccines. They will also neuter cats when the time comes. And we thank socially responsible company Plus Plus for generous gifts - new owners got premium N&D grain-free food for a happy start!

We also thank TV Studio B and TV Pink that had live coverage. Big thanks to numerous media and web-portals that published announcements and reports :) 

 5th Le PETit Meow Weekend, April 2018...

Mačka (Cat) magazine

Le PETit and feline magazine Mačka (Cat)

February 2018: feline magazine Mačka (Cat) and Le PETit tirelessly spread knowledge, joy and love for cats! In the birthday issue of our only specialized feline magazine you will find many clever and fun articles, and great photos. We wrote about irresistible chubby British Shorthair cats, and our Svetlana and friends discuss whether to let the cat out or not? You will also find expert articles about the health, psychology, character and nutrition of your furry pet (or sphinx). So, run to a newsstand and get your copy of Mačka now!

  Mačka (Cat) magazine...

Le PETit Meow Fest 2018

Le PETit Meow Fest 2018...

January 13-14, 2018, Belgrade Youth Center: many world cities have cat-coffees, but only Belgrade has a unique festival dedicated to cats and those who love them - Meow Fest! The traditional New Year's cat festival, organized by Club Le PETit, Belgrade Youth Center and Veterinary Institution of Belgrade celebrates creativity, joy of life and these wonderful creatures - cats!

The main program of the fourth Meow Fest was World Cat Federation World Show. 110 cats were judged by five international judges. Visitors also had the opportunity to vote for the most beautiful cat at the show. This time, the audience's favorites were three cats from Serbia: "whiskas" British cat Domino, bengal Khan and a fluffy siberian Bruno.

Le PETit Meow Fest 2018

50 lovely and healthy cats were offered for adoption. All cats were rescued from the streets. They were sheltered and nourished by a team of responsible and professional Le PETit Fosterers. Almost 30 cats were adopted, and many were reserved and will be taken later. Visitors showed big hearts and even two handicapped cat were adopted...

 Le PETit Meow Fest 2018...  

Sajam knjiga i medija 2017.

Le PETit on 2017 Book and Media Fair...

October 26-28 2017, Book and Media Fair: this is the most visited event at the Belgrade Fair, so we were honored and excited when the cat-friendly newspaper Serbian Telegraph invited us to present cats on their stand.

On the first day, Le PETit Meow Fosterers offered lovely, healthy and house-trained kitens for adoption. We spoke for many radio and TV stations, and explained why every family should have a cat!

Sajam knjiga i medija 2017.

On weekend, Le PETit cat breeders presented pedigree cats. We distributed invitations to Meow Fest and patiently responded to numerous questions from visitors - most of them have never seen a live breed cat before. The crowd was huge, it was intense for both us and the cats, but this was a good exercise for the upcoming Meow Fest in January!

 Le PETit on 2017 Book and Media Fair...

BeGe Vege Festival 2017

Third BeGe Vege Festival 2017...

October 21-22, 2017, Ušće Shopping Mall: BeGeVege festival - a festival of peaceful life - was organized for the third time by the Animal Freedom Association. Le Petit was invited to participate, and we used this opportunity to offer our lovely kittens for adoption.

BeGe Vege Festival 2017.

All cats were saved from the streets, cured if needed, then house-trained and perfectly prepared for adoption. This weekend, at the BeGeVege festival, 11 our cats have found a warm home!

 Third BeGe Vege Festival 2017...  

Svetlana Lalović, WCF SH Judge

Svetlana Lalović, WCF SH Judge

September 9-10, 2017: at the World cat show in Minsk, our Svetlana Lalović took the exam for the WCF judge. The commission consisted of WCF President Anneliese Hackmann and Dr. Olga Mironova. The WCF Secretary General, Tatiana Cernova and the President of Judging Commission, Yanina Melnikova also attended the exams. They tested Svetlana's knowledge of feline physiology, genetics, WCF rules and practical judging of short-hair cats. She passed all exams with great results. Bravoooo Svetlana! Le PETit celebrates today :)

  WCF Judges: Svetlana Lalović, Serbia...

Le PETit Yougoslavie

Le PETit Yougoslavie...

August 2017: Club Le PETit now provides services and WCF pedigrees for many breeders in south-east Europe (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia) and Middle East (Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia):

  Recommended WCF Catteries...

Le PETit available pedigre cats

Available breed cats...

July 2017: we created selling Facebook group, with ads for breed cats from WCF catteries in Serbia and region, that are currently available for sale or reservation:

  Club Le PETit WCF - available pedigree cats (Facebook selling group)

Le PETit Meow Fosterers

Le PETit Meow Fosterers

July 2017: we formed a group for caring for and placing cats without a home. Le PETit Meow Fosterers are expert animal welfare activists who unselfishly invest love, effort and considerable resources to prepare the cats for their new homes. In their work, Meow Fosterers will have help of Club Le Petit and socially responsible institutions and companies.

Le PETit Meow Fosterers

We thank Public Veterinary Institution of Belgrade for support. We also thank socially responsible company Plus Plus that donates quality N&D Grain-Free cat food, and Mega-group company that donates innovative eco-friendly A'mur wood litter.

  Le PETit Meow Fosterers...

Meow Weekend

Third Le PETit Meow Weekend 2017...

June 17, 2017, Cultural Centre Grad: dear cat lovers, cat people of present and future, with great pleasure we are informing you that this year's Meow Weekend was great! Many kittens were adopted, and many families are happy now! Big thanks to Veterinary institution of Belgrade that vaccinated and chipped adopted cats for free. Also, many thanks to all Club volunteers, responsible companies Plus Plus and A'mur, and our new friends from Cultural Centre Grad!

Meow Weekend

 Meow Weekend - June 17, 2017 (photo-album)

Budapest 2017 MacskaMania Show

Budapest 2017 MacskaMania Show

March 18-19, 2017: Macskamania is a big Hungarian independent cat club that organizes very popular colorful and cheerful cat shows in Budapest - this weekend they had about 9000 visitors! At the show they run two competitions: one in rings by TICA rules and the other is traditional table judging similar to WCF and FIFe.

Budapest 2017 MacskaMania Show

This exhibition was a real feast for cat lovers! In addition to two simultaneous cat competitions we could visit dozens of cat food stands and several big pet-shops. Hungarian animal welfare clubs offered interesting programs for children and handicrafts for sale. Earnings were forwarded to cat shelters.

 Budapest 2017 MacskaMania Show...

Bucharest 2017 WCF & TICA Joint Show

Bucharest 2017 WCF & TICA Joint Show

March 11-12, 2017: this was a joint exhibition of two federation, WCF and American TICA. The exhibition was organized by our sister club Magnificats WCF Romania. Owners could enter cats mace on one or both competitions. Everything went smoothly, with lots of joy and good will.

Bucharest 2017 WCF & TICA Joint Show

Professors from the romanian Veterinary high-school have organized practice for students who plan to specialize in cats. Owners had the opportunity to get a free cat exam. Excellent idea, very useful to all!

 Bucharest 2017 WCF & TICA Joint Show...

Prvih 5 godina Le PETit-a

The first 5 years of Le PETit :)

February 22, 2017: exactly five years ago, we founded our lovely Le PETit :) We all have been into cats for a long time, but an individual can not fight the system, so we came up with a name, wrote the Statute and registered the Club.

Thanks to everyone for help and enthusiasm! Today is a wonderful day, kiss your cats and celebrate!

WCF Full Membership

Club Le PETit wins full membership status in WCF

January 22, 2017: we are happy to announce that as of today our Club Le PETit is a full member of World Cat Federation!

Thanx to delegates on General Assembly that voted for us, and congrats to all Le PETit breeders, members and friends. Today we will celebrate!

  World Cat Federation...

Istanbul 2017 WCF International Show

Istanbul 2017 WCF International Show

January 14-15, 2017: four great days devoted to cats in fantastic Istanbul. First, two-day "WCF Breeders of Excellence" seminar on cat genetics for student judges and breeders. Then, international WCF cat show hosted by local Club Felinoloji Derneği. We thank judges and lecturers on seminar, Tatyana Cernova and Albert Kurkowski. And we thank Turkish club and president Feyza Nur Çelik for unforgettable hospitality :)

Istanbul 2017 WCF International Show

 Istanbul 2017 WCF International Show...

Meow Fest 3

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 3

December 10-11, 2016: a unique festival dedicated to cats took place in Belgrade Youth Center. Organizers from Club Le PETit WCF invited visitors and exhibitors to Meow Fest with following words: dear cat-lovers, please welcome to meow, purr, cuddle, to roar if needed, to learn and most of all - to have fun!

Meow Fest 3

Organizers promoted Festival and love for cats on all prime TV and printed media. The Festival had more than 1800 adult visitors and many many children. The event is now listed on Belgrade tourist and cultural calendars, and Club Le PETit WCF begins preparations for next Meow Fest - even bigger and more colorful :)

  Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 3...

Athens 2016 WCF World Show

Athens 2016 WCF World Show

October 14-16, 2016: another very posh and classy cat show by our sister club, Feline Greece. Le Petit Svetlana was a student judge, Miloš was the show secretary, Sergei Stets and his Maine Coon Hurricane were collecting trophies in rings - we had a great time at the show, and later we even had a swim under the warm October sun!

Athens 2016 WCF World Show

 Athens 2016 WCF World Show...

Le PETit beba

Winners of Le PETit poll #lepetitlice

September 2016: most charming cat babies for summer season :)

For one month you were sending us photos of your cat babies. Each kitten was charming and brightened our days this summer. We were touched with love and attention you devote to your pets!

Competition was strong, every story was moving and beautiful in its own way, and for us it was a difficult task to proclaim the winner. We have carefully listened to your comments, and it seems that this time we will all agree on the first prize. The winner can be only one, but this time the prize goes to two cat babies: Loca and Mimi! 

 Winners of Le PETit poll #lepetitlice (poll results)

Bran 2016 WCF Jubilee Show

Bran 2016 WCF Jubilee Show

June 25-26, 2016: the long-awaited WCF cat show at Dracula Castle in Bran, Romania. Gordana Zdravkovic presented Bengal Vincent and Nevena Burlica presented red silver-shaded British Shorthair kitten Quentin. Our cats were decorated, and we had a great time - two days of big fun in the beautiful park in front of the castle of horrible Vlad the Impaler, also known as Count Dracula, brrrr :(

 Bran 2016 WCF Jubilee Show...

Mrnjau vikend

Le PETit Meow Weekend - cat adoption event

June 12, 2016, Belgrade Youth Center: dear cat lovers, cat people of present and future, with great pleasure we are informing you that this year's Meow Weekend was great! We had a rich program, we talked a lot, we had a good time and many people left our Meow Weekend with a smile - 28 kittens were adopted, and 28 families are happy now! Many thanks to Veterinary institution of Belgrade that vaccinated and chipped adopted cats for free. Also, many thanks to all contributors and Club volunteers, lecturers, and Meow Weekend friends - Plus Plus Company and the Belgrade Youth Center!

Mrnjau vikend

 Meow Weekend - July 12, 2016 (photo-album)

Le PETit lice

Winners of Le PETit poll #lepetitlice

May 2016: most charming cat faces for spring-summer season :)

In a little over a month you entered almost hundred cats, all beautiful - small, large, short-haired, long-haired, domestic and breed cats, juniors, seniors... we are touched by how much you love your pets. Competition was strong, and for us it was a difficult task to proclaim the winner. We have carefully monitored your comments and it seems that this time we will all agree on the first prize! The winner can be only one, but this time the prize is shared between two cats in the same household: tomcats Srećko and Don Šibalić. And a Lifetime Achievement Award goes to tomcat White!

 Winners of Le PETit poll #lepetitlice (poll results)

World Cat Congress 2016, Thailand

World Cat Congress annual meeting, Thailand

April 2016, Thailand: The World Cat Congress was established to promote better understanding and co-operation among the world's major cat associations in matters of mutual interest and concern such as cat legislation and feline welfare.

Traditionally the annual meeting consists of a seminar, which includes an open meeting where the public have an opportunity to raise specific points of concern for discussion, a cat show and a meeting of the delegates. The visiting delegates are invited to judge at the cat show.

World Cat Congress 2016, Thailand

This year WCC meeting was held in Thailand. Mrs Anneliese Hackmann and Andreas Mobius were delegates from WCF. Svetlana Lalović from Club Le PETit presented study on traditional Siamese cats, titled ""Spices, Silk, Jewels and Cats - On Wichienmaat, Siamese, Thai, Suphalak and Khao Manee breeds".

Cat show was organised by WCF. Svetlana passed the preliminary judgge's exam and helped friends from "Cat Society of Thailand" and delegates from other federations to run the show by the WCF rules:

 World Cat Congress on Thailand (Le PETit Facebook group)

  Spices, Silk, Jewels and Cats - Svetlana Lalovic (study)

WCF's Cat Olimpia 2016

WCF's Cat Olimpia 2016

April 9-10, 2016: Bucharest, Romania: Olimpia cat show is the largest and most important event in the WCF system. It takes place annually, and on that weekend there may not be other WCF cat shows anywhere in the world. This year Olimpia was in our neighborhood, in Bucharest.

Serbia was represented by 11 exceptional cats - Aphroditas, Birmans, British Shorthairs, Maine Coons and Persians from WCF catteries Innamorare, Mythologica, Nikolato, Sacred Cat, Sibnib and Svindoff. And, of course, our golden Cornish Rex Rextasy Zlatko. He is currently WCF BB 2015 - the best Cornish of WCF.

Rextasy Zlatko

Club Le PETit was the most numerous club on WCF Olympia. Rextasy Zlatko won WCF Diamond Ring, and all our cats won titles and nominations. Let there be known what cats we have in Serbia!

 WCF's Cat Olimpia 2016 (Natalia and Sergey Stets)

Katzen Echo

Meow Fest in Katzen-Echo magazine

March 2016: Katzen-Echo is a magazine about cats, published by WCF. In the March issue there is a very commendable review of our Meow Fest cat shoe. Every year hundreds of WCF cat shows are organised in the world, but only a few are mentioned in Katzen-Echo magazine. This is a great honor for all of us, thank you WCF!

 Katzen-Echo magazine, March 2016...

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 2016

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 2016

January 9-10, 2016: a unique festival dedicated to cats took place in Belgrade's Youth Centre. Organizers from Club Le PETit WCF invited visitors and exhibitors with following words: dear cat-lovers, please welcome to meow, purr, cuddle, to roar if needed, to learn and most of all - to have fun! 

Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 2016

Organizers promoted Festival and love for cats on all prime TV and printed media. The Festival had more than 2600 adult visitors and many, many children. The event will be regular, and Club Le PETit WCF has begun preparations for the next Meow Fest - even bigger and more colorful :)

  Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 2...

Rextasy Zlatko

Rextasy Zlatko on news portal

November 2015: the story of our golden cat Rextasy Zlatku on Serbia's biggest news portal -! Who says all news are bad - here's a story that will put a smile on your face:

 Rextasy Zlatko: Champion of cats...

WCF Stuttgart World Cat Show 2015

WCF Stuttgart World Cat Show 2015

November 2015, Stuttgart Word Cat Show: the best cat is - our cat! In the fierce competition, among hundreds of gorgeous cats from all over Europe, our golden Rextasy Zlatko overshadowed incredibly strong competition! On the first day our Zlatko picked up Best in Show, Best of Best 1 and finally Best General - award for the best cat of the day. On the second day, our cat won Best in Show, Best of Best 1, and finished the day with a victory in the Triple Master Ring! Oh oh, is this for real?

 WCF World Cat Show Stuttgart...

World Animal Day 2015 - Bege Vege festival

World Animal Day 2015 - BeGeVege festival

October 4, 2015: World Animal Day and first BeGeVege Festival in Belgrade. The event promoted healthy food and peaceful way of living. Le PETit had the opportunity to present activities, to promote the concept of responsible animal ownership and to offer orphan kittens for adoption.

World Animal Day 2015 - Bege Vege festival

 World Animal Day 2015 - BeGeVege festival...

WCF Budapest World Cat Show 2015

WCF Budapest World Cat Show 2015

September 2015: fantastic success in Budapest! Our golden boy Rextasy Zlatko won two Best in Shows, then Master Ring and Double Master Ring! We could not even dream of such success - not many cats have won WCF Double Master Ring! Nomen est omen - we don't call him Goldie for no reason!

On the photo: Zlatko chats with Anneliese Hackmann, president of WCF...

WCF Budapest World Cat Show 2015

 Photo-album: Club Le PETit WCF...

Zov 809

Zov magazine: World beauties at Dracula castle

Zov, our only pet and animal magazine, and one big and nicely illustrated story on WCF Cat Show in Bran, Romania. On the cover are Le PETit Svetlana and Rextasy Goldie (Zlatko). Big thanks to friends from Zov magazine! 

  World beauties at Dracula castle (Zov magazine No. 809)

WCF Bran World Cat Show 2015

WCF Bran World Cat Show 2015

July 2015: cat show in Dracula Castle in Transylvania! Bad news: Bran world show is over... Good news: it will be traditional! Big thanx to WCF, judges, Bran Castle, Magnificats, Beverly and Alex Elian, Lia Doru and everybody who helped to make this event sooo memorable!

WCF Bran World Cat Show 2015

Our Rextasy Zlatko aka Goldie did very good: Best in Show, Best of Best 2, WCF Master ring 4. Oriental Aladdin: Best in Show. Oriental Alla: Best Opposite Sex, WCF ring 2 :)

 Photo-album: WCF Bran World Cat Show (Gregor Poland)

WCF Radom Cat Show 2015

WCF Radom Cat Show 2015

Jun 2015: we are overjoyed with international WCF Cat Show at the Polish city of Radom. Poland is a country with great felinology tradition, with many clubs from all cat federations, with many breeders and frequent shows.

Our Rextasy Zlatko aka Goldie did not have a rival in Poland - 2x Best in Show, 2x Best in Best, WCF Ring 1 :)

 Photo-album: WCF Radom Cat Show 2015...

WCF Budapest Cat Show 2015

WCF Budapest Cat Show 2015

May 2015, with Andreas Möbius: "Hungary 2015 with all my Serbian friends. and their wonderful cats, Aphrodite, British Shorthair, Scottish Straight and Cornish Rex! A pittoresque moment of puure love for cats, friendship and togetherness".

 Photo-album: Show Time 2015 by Edina Raposa...

Le PETit Meow group

Le PETit Meow group on Facebook

April 2015: Dear cat lovers, welcome to Le PETit Meow group :) Welcome to meow, purr, learn and have fun! Here we will post information on WCF cat shows in the region. Here we can exchange tips on feeding, training and caring for our cats. Here we can show our cat treasure and admire all other... long live our cats!

  Le PETit Meow group... (Facebook group)

WCF Athens Cat Show 2015 - Rextasy Goldie

WCF Athens World Show 2015

March 2015: our small but brave team competed for Serbia at WCF World Show in ancient town of Athens. The show was perfectly organized, in a very nice and modern venue; it was very lavish thanks to many generous sponsors. We are still remembering beautiful cats from all over the world, smiling faces of exhibitors and visitors, and lots of positive energy. We were all purring and having fun!

Our little rising star, Rextasy 100Reasons2Love For C, aka Zlatko or Goldie, has won Best of Show title on both days, 1st and then 2nd place in WCF rings, but also the unofficial title of show's favorite cat - everybody wanted to make a photo and pet him! On the photo: our Goldie in the hands of AB judge Albert Kurkowski from Poland.

WCF Athens Cat Show 2015 - Ladies Night

Ladies night! Cyprus, Hungary, Serbia, Greece and Germany meowing together in Athens. A big thanks to Feline Greece for fantastic hospitality, tons of positive energy and enthusiasm, and one lovely and posh show to remember :)

 Photo-album: WCF World Show Athens 2015...

WCF Bucharest Cat Show 2015 - Rextasy Goldie

WCF Bucharest Cat Show 2015

February 2015: woo-hoo, we "cleaned up" WCF Bucharest Cat Show! Our Rextasy 100Reasons2Love For C, aka Zlatko or Goldie, is overall winner! Final results are almost unbelievable: Goldie was 2x Ring Winner, 2x Best in Show, 2x Best of Best, 2x Best of Best Overall, and of course Best of Best Weekend. Bravo for our beautiful and delicate Cornish Rex!!!

 Photo-album: Club Le PETit WCF...

Meow Fest posterAndreas Mobius

Le PETit Meow Fest - a festival dedicated to cats!

December 14, 2014: a unique festival dedicated to cats took place in Belgrade - Meow Fest. Organizers from Felinology Club Le PETit invited visitors and exhibitors with following words: dear cat-lovers, please welcome to meow, purr, cuddle, to roar if needed, to learn and most of all - to have fun!

  Le PETit WCF Meow Fest 1...


Meow Fest, Eda and winter

October 2014: meet Eda, a brave woman who deserves our respect! Eda now lives in a small town near Belgrade. She retreated from the big dirty city, swapped her apartment for a house with a yard, and made a shelter for temporary accommodation of dogs and cats. Dogs bark cheerfully, cats purr loudly, and this big family lives in joy and happiness. Shelters for animals are well thought out and equipped, everything is clean and tidy, and the animals are well cared for.

Most self-proclaimed animal welfare clubs are either inactive or serve as a cover for compulsive hoarding of animals. We have seen such cases - 20 animals in a one bedroom apartment, fleas, disease, angry neighbors, better not to talk...

Eda is an example of responsible animal care, an example that we want to promote and support in every way possible. For starters, at the Le Petit Meow Fest we will collect donations. We hope to raise enough money for another winter house for cats. Prepare a small contribution – winter is coming, cats must be tucked, brrr!

Recommended catteries

Recommended catteries on Le PETit website

September 2014: Dear felinology friends, as you know, Le Petit Club has become the representative of WCF - World Cat Federation in Serbia. We are working on our first cat-show based on their rules. WCF cat-shows are different from TICA or FIFe shows - these are small festivals and have a number of programs for the general public: lectures, workshops, presentations, children entertainment and like, all of which require a good venue in the city center, a great effort on the organization and good sponsors.

Until then, on our website and Facebook we will present responsible and reputable catteries that are working according to felinology standards. In Serbia, irresponsible and unregistered breeders are a big problem. We are constantly contacted by people who want to purchase a breed cat but do not know where and how, and so we will work on education of cat-lovers and promote responsible breeding and ownership. Please visit our new page:

  Recommended Catteries in Serbia...

Svetlana and tomcat Muni

Yippie-yeah, finally I have whiskers :)

August 2014: Felinology Club Le PETit has more than 2000 followers on Facebook! Two thousand meows :) Join us, if you have not already:

  Le PETit on Facebook...


University of Science students at Le PETit

When you work with animals, you meet many wonderful people!

July 2104: Felinology Club Le PETit had a visit from two extraordinary girls - Tea and Nevena, students of the Belgrade University of Science. They organized colleagues at their university to collect aid for people and animals from flooded areas. During those tragic days the students were resourceful, committed, enthusiastic and full of empathy for all living beings afflicted by terrible floods, and they collected substantial aid that was immediately distributed to where it was needed. That is how we met, and then decided to continue working together.

Tea and Nevena helped us in our daily Le PETit activities - feeding baby kittens, combing and brushing long-haired guests, comforting cats missing their owners. It was wonderful to watch those girls communicating with delicate cat souls. Bravo and a big meow for Tea and Nevena :)

Volunteer Ana and Flekica


May 22, 2014, flood refugee camp in Kosutnjak, Belgrade: kitten Flekica (Spot), safely tucked in volunteer Ana's hood... taking care of animals too, because every life is important!


Help for cats and dogs rescued from flooded city of Obrenovac, that was collected at the Faculty of Chemistry, arrived in the good paws! Cat food, medicines and toys were taken to a refugee shelter in Košutnjak and animal shelter on Bežanija. Twenty cats and many, many dogs are taken care of, but the job is not done yet: all the lost or abandoned animals need to find a new home! We'll try to organize animal adoption events, similar to our Meow Weekend at the Youth Center, when more than one hundred cats were adopted.

 Photo-album: Animal welfare events...

Le PETit at the Cat ShowLe PETit Dado and Svetlana

Cat Show with March 8th Motif

March 8-9, 2014: Belgrade TICA Cat Show

And this year's TICA International Cat Show in Belgrade is over! We spent the whole day in the company of delicate or chunky, bushy or bald, colorful or black & white but altogether majestic creatures - cats. Cats of various breeds shone and strutted like real divas, but in this glamorous society everybody noticed the special glow of cats saved from the streets! Some call them domestic cats, others stray or street cats, TICA calls them household pets... you can call them whatever you want, but international judges from Sweden, Spain, Japan, Austria and France have noticed and commented on how beautiful our domestic cats are! Judges said they would never have guessed that these cats were born on the street!

Le PETit Dado and Svetlana

And among them, the first among equals, was Le PETit tomcat Dado! He got compliments by judges, and applauses and cheers from visitors. Dado was in a great mood and was looking forward to each new judging. When he is in such a good mood, no one can resist his charm, and in the five rings Dado won four first places and one second! Bravo for Dado :)

 Photo-album: Le PETit at the Cat Shows...

Le PETit Mrnjau Party

The Great Spring Le PETit Meow Party

March 7, 2014: as the announcement of the upcoming spring, on every March we are having an International Cat Show in Belgrade. And that's always a good opportunity for Le PETit Meow Party - a nice warm-up for the exhibition!

Dear cat-lovers, cat-people and friends - please join us on Le PETit Meow Party! Good time guaranteed - uplifting funk & disco by DJ Ceca, hot food & spicy cocktails. Good mood and cat-like charm are mandatory! Welcome drink for members of Le PETit!

Belgrade animal welfare groups

Cooperation with City Administration

January 2014: meeting of Belgrade animal welfare groups

On Thursday, January 9th, there was an important meeting for all of us who love animals. In the premises of the Belgrade Secretariat for Utilities and Housing, active and relevant animal welfare groups gathered together.

At the meeting with the new city secretary for Municipal Affairs, we stated numerous problems in communication between NGOs and authorities. We agreed that it is the mutual desire of both parties to overcome the problems and find a solution through constant dialogue and cooperation.

Meow! As the meeting took place in the first days of the New Year we want to believe that this meetings is the dawn of better days, in which citizens and city institutions work in synergy for prosperity of animals in Belgrade.

Animal welfare groups that attended the meeting: ALFA, Beta, Feniks, Animal Humane Society of Obrenovac, Kasper, Kinology Academy, Felinology Club Le PETit, LINK, Hope for Animals Riska, NOA, Pro Anima, Freedom for Animals and Zoovita.

  Meeting Minutes

October 4, World Animal Day

Le PETit Public Counseling

October 4th 2013, World Animal Day: we co-organized a public Counseling on responsible ownership. Vets and felinologists provided expert advice on pet care. This was a great opportunity for all current and future owners to get free advice on breeding, nutrition and education of their pets.

World Animal Day, October 4th, was established in 1931. in Florence at the World Congress of Animal Friends. Its commemoration promotes animal protection and care for their well-being. This year, many associations in Serbia will organize various events to remind of link between people, animals and nature, the necessity of regulation and punishment of individuals whose behavior endangers the whole society.

Poster "Dear Le PETit advisor"Kittens Helga and Hagar, adopted on the event

Le PETit public Counseling is one of many events we regularly hold, in order to encourage animal lovers to adopt abandoned animals. Doing so will reduce the number of stray dogs and cats on the streets.

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Tomcat Mita and "his" baby AleksaTomcat Mita and "his" baby Aleksa

The Story of Tomcat Mita

September 4, 2013: today Facebook page had more than 30.000 visitors! „The story of tomcat Mita first appeared on Felinology Club Le PETit's Facebook page. Short but effective story has sparked a lot of interest, lots of favorable comments, and then instantly spread to many pages of cat lovers. In just one day, tomcat Mita had tens of thousands views, „likes“ and „shares“. The story is about a familiar dilemma faced by all pet owners, prospective parents...“

 Story of Mita on Le PETit Facebook page...

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Holistic Cat Nutrition Seminar

Bon aPETit: Cat Nutrition Seminar

September 7, 2013: starting this autumn, in cooperation with Club Leila, we will organize regular meetings of cat owners and lovers! In the posh club atmosphere we will discuss hot topics - cat nutrition, care and training.

To begin with, we asked Le PETit cat-food guru, DVM Snežana Praštalo, to give us a lecture on new concepts of cat nutrition. In particular, we will concentrate on Schesir holistic cat-food concept. Snežana will teach us to read food package labels with understanding, and to recognize symptoms of cat malnutrition.

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Pet Party posterLe PETit Ksenija and tomcat Mića

Pet Party - Pet Pageant

July 2013: Pet Party at Delta City shopping mall. The party is over, and we can't wait for the next one! We had a great time, and our cats and dogs enjoyed it even more. Le PETit protégé, tomcat Mića has won (as we expected) and got valuable and delicious awards. And our kitten Lolica has found great owners and a happy home!

The Best of Show cat was awarded with something that really suits cat's aristocrat nature and refined taste: a five day stay at the premium Le PETit Cat Hotel, with all-inclusive service and fitness program. In addition, the winner will enjoy Natural Trainer food and Biogance pet cosmetics!

The most beautiful and most crowded stand was Le PETit stand, of course! We had many guests and an opportunity to meet our virtual friends from Facebook. We thank all pets, owners or future owners, and we are looking forward to see you all at the next Pet Party!

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Pet Friendly stickerLe PETit Svetlana and tomcat Dado

Pet Friendly Belgrade - Pets Welcome

June 2013: our "Pet Friendly Belgrade" campaign is well-received and attracts much media attention! All major newspapers and internet portals have published the story, and many national TV's have covered the event. We had city representatives at the promotion and they promised full support. Our friends with pets are informing us that now they are welcomed in many more shops, restaurants and bars. Pets welcome - for nicer and more humane Belgrade!

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DJ Ceca

Spring Le PETit Meow-Party

May 2013: Meooow, the spring is here! Like our cats, we the cat-people are wagging our tails and want to go oooout! Dear frinds, please join us for a Le PETit Meow-Party on Friday, May 17, in Kontra Bar at 59 Strahinjića Bana Street, from 22h. DJ Svetlana is at the turntables, she will play some old school funk & disco, and we will have a great time - bring your dancing shoes! Best regards, see you all on Friday!

Tatyana Chernova, WCFAndreas Möbius, WCF

Le PETit represents Serbia in WCF

April 2013: we received an official confirmation that our furry Le PETit Club, after a looong application process, is admitted in the World Cat Federation! Meow!

WCF - World Cat Federation is a international federation of felinologists, breeders and cat lovers, based in Germany. WCF brings together more than 370 organizations and clubs from Europe, the U.S. and the world. In the Parliament of Europe in Strasbourg, WCF is authorized to participate in the assessment process, in proposing and passing legislation related to the protection and welfare of animals.

WCF recognizes and respects the domestic cat. It is very important for us - all our cats are "European Shorthair" and deserve a lot of recognition and respect! On photos are our new colleagues: the application process was handled by WCF Vice-president, Tatyana Chernova of Lithuania, and our mentor will be Secretary General of the WCF himself - Andreas Möbius, a living legend and a urban myth among cat lovers!

  World Cat Federation...

Ask Le PETit

March 2013: The 5th and 6th The International Cat Association cat shows took place on March 9 and 10, 2013, at the Belgrade Fair. Organizer: Felinology Club Felis Serbica.

The Le PETit's stand was continuously crowded. The stand was named "Dear Le PETit" and we tirelessly gave visitors advice on cat adopting, feeding or training. Our cats Dado and Ziggy were a hit, because they were completely relaxed and wandered around the exhibition freely.

Tomcat Dado: Best HHPTICA judge Asa Broing

On the second day, our tomcat Dado won in the HHP (Household Pets) division, and our kitten Chickpea shared the first place in the juniors' division.

Le PETit Club regularly participates in cat shows, in order to promote felinology and European shorthair breed.

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Meow Forum at the Belgrade Youth Center

Cat (and) people

January 2013: Meow Forum at the Belgrade Youth Center.

After the great success of the first Le PETit Meow Weekend at the Belgrade Youth Center, we invite you to meow again! Come to purr with us, to cuddle and discuss felinology and cats. At the present time, such as it is, why it is necessary to socialize with cats? We believe that cats are training us, and teaching us tolerance, patience, understanding of individuality, respect for the freedom, acceptance of diversity, rejecting the prejudices ... all the things which people around us often fail to do! Let's take a cat for a pet and a friend, hang out with them and we will be better people - cat people!

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Le PETit at the Veterinary Institution of Belgrade

Cure - neuter - reintegrate

November 2012: vaccination, neutering and microchipping stray cats in municipality of Zvezdara.

Le PETit is on the edge of the Zvezdara forest, and around our building there are dozens of stray cats we care of. They are our "freelancers!" We follow the "cure - neuter - reintegrate" concept, we try to monitor and control the cat population here, so we regularly neuter cats at the Veterinary Institution of Belgrade. Cats are vaccinated, neutered and chipped. On this occasion only, the value of veterinary services was more than 300 euros. We thank our City Council and Veterinary Institution for the donation!

World Animal Day posterWorld Animal Day forum

World Animal Day

October 2012: celebration in the Knez Mihajlova Street, and a forum at the Belgrade Youth Center.

Dear animal lovers, Thursday is World Animal Day – please join us in the Knez Mihajlova Street from 12 to 2 pm, and then at the Belgrade Youth Center at 7 pm. Together we are strong – at the Meow Weekend, we promoted the responsible ownership and found homes for more than 100 cats, and this Thursday, at a forum in Belgrade Youth Center, we will discuss that dreaded phrase that we hear often - "there are more important problems than animals!"

  More information on World Animal Day celebration...

Meow Weekend poster

Le PETit Meow Weekend

September 2012: two-day cat festival at the Belgrade Youth Center.

Two days of meowing, cuddling, adopting, learning, laughter and fun! The most important event during these two days will be public cat adoption. Felinologists and vets will be present all the time, all cats will be professionally inspected, and Veterinary Institution of Belgrade will donate vaccines and micro-chips. Adopted kittens will get valuable gifts from our sponsors – delicious food for a successful start!

Meow Weekend at the Belgrade Youth Center

On the lectures and in direct contact with the vets, visitors will have the opportunity to learn everything on cat care, nutrition and training, and psychologists and psychotherapists will explain why it is important for every family to have a very special pet - a cat!

We have prepared many other surprises: workshops for children in collaboration with the American Corner, cartoons for kids, live presentation of exotic cat breeds, exhibitions of cat art and photography, collections with hundreds of everyday objects with cat motifs...

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Iskra and Tomcat Garson

International Homeless Animals' Day

August 2012: event at the Knez Mihajlova Street.

The marking of Homeless Animals Day was great. On that Saturday evening, Knez Mihailova Street was very crowded and many people have approached our info-desks where we informed them on the animal welfare issues. The stars of this event were our tiny furry assistant - a charming kitten Gara, and one very commited young activist - little girl Iskra (Sparkle). In the photo: Iskra and Gara, acting together!

 Photo-album: Animal welfare events...

Adopting Day at the Belgrade Youth Center

Even Bigger Adoption Day

May 2012: cats and dogs adoption event

Belgrade Youth Center is the first city institution that opened its doors to stray dogs and cats, in order to raise awareness on animal welfare issues. On our first Adoption Day event we promoted animal adopting as a matter of prestige and trend, and adoption of crossbreed pets or animals with disabilities as a politically correct thing. Our second Adoption Day event, now called Even Bigger Adoption Day, was very successful - we discussed many responsible ownership topics, and found homes for 43 animals!

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 Photo-album: Animal welfare events...

Zoky the winner!TICA Judge Asa Broing

Le PETit Zoky - the winner!

March 2012: The 2nd The International Cat Association cat show took place on March 17 and 18, 2012, at the Belgrade Fair. Organizer: Felinology Club Felis Serbica.

Our kitten Zoky has won two first and two third places in the HHP (Household Pets) category and defended the honor of the European Shorthair (domestic) breed. The judges from Austria and England ruled that Zoky has a wonderful dense but silky fur, beautiful pattern, striking green eyes, and above all - the magic character!

 Photo-album: Le PETit at the Cat Shows...

TICA judge Katharina Krenn

Le PETit Patrik - Best of Show

March 2011: The 1st The International Cat Association cat show took place on March 4 and 5, 2011, at the Belgrade Fair. Organizer: Felinology Club Felis Serbica.

In the photo: our tomcat Patrick, and judge Katherine Kren. Patrick, bottle-fed and raised in Le PETit Club and later happily adopted, won the first place in the HHP (Household Pets) category and Best of Show award (photo: Goran Ćatić)

 Photo-album: Le PETit at the Cat Shows...

Adopting event at the Belgrade ZooLe PETit Svetlana and kitten Lenka

Garden of Good Hope

September 2010: adoption event at the Belgrade Zoo.

We thank our friends at the Belgrade Zoo for allowing us to offer homeless cats for adoption. Unfortunately, no cat found a home. The children were charmed by our kittens, but their parents were hard-hearted. We hope we will have better luck next time!

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